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Hype fading

Question asked by alonzotg on Mar 30, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2017 by ambrose

I'm starting to feel a tinge, but not full-on buyer's remorse for my 1800X. I'm finally getting close to getting a mobo, the models I had been looking at have all been out of stock and are only finally beginning to catch up with demand. =\


Having this extra time to contemplate the chip I have come to realize that it's not really the micro-mainframe I wanted but more of a refresh to the FM2+ and not the AM3 platform... So yeah, the naming of the socket is very misleading. =(   


So basically the AM4 platform is not a flagship platform but rather a very very entry-level platform. Which is actually a stunningly remarkable statement given that people tend to compare Ryzen with Intel's flagship desktops... Think of how obnoxious the statement AMD is making to Intel, that their entry level platform can tangle with the best Intel has...


That said, I'm still going ahead with installing the 1800X because my comp here is rocking a 1090T (running linux) and is getting pretty rusty... Over the coming years I plan to retire the [****] overheating A88X based motherboard in my other machine (mATX) with this one, and then get a full sized mobo for the next long-term platform


I really want to have a spare x16 slot because I anticipate wanting to run additional types of boards such as for advanced AI and/or physics calculations such as a next generation, um, Xeon-Phi. So yeah, the "AM4" platform really can't justifiably be put on a full ATX or larger board, mATX is probably the sweet spot...


Once again, the A88X must die a cruel, horrible death and then burn for a million years....


The fly in what I just wrote is that my secondary machine, like about 45% of the machines out there is running Win 7, so I'm not sure what AMD can do to Microsoft to provide support, I think a lawsuit is justifiable.