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1700 45-50 degrees when idle; 55-60 degrees when web browsing

Question asked by splitty on Mar 29, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2017 by splitty

I am using:

  • Asus Prime x370 mobo
  • the stock wraith spire, did not mess with the thermal paste
  • zalman z9 neo case with 2 Corsair SP120 intake fans at front, two zalman 120 intake fans up top (the ones that come with the case), and an Enermax Cluster Advance rear exhaust fan
  • 16gb corsair vengeance lpx 3200mhz (2 8gb sticks)
  • sapphire nitro + RX 480 8gb gpu
  • a tp-link wifi adapter in a pci slot
  • evga 600 BQ power supply
  • updated to bios 0511, memory running at 2933


As I type this up, I'm at 51 degrees.

As I switched back and forth between my monitoring software (AI Suite 3 by Asus), it jumped up to 66 degrees...

Not understanding what I have done wrong, as others have report below 40 degrees at idle.

This is my very first build...