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RX 480 Crossfire Issue

Question asked by malkavianbrother on Mar 30, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by amdmatt

Let me begin with stating that this is my first time doing a rig with dual GPUs. I have two Radeon RX 480 graphic cards and since the two are newer versions they are bridged via the PCI-E cable. I was unsure what Crimson ReLive but when Crossfire was disabled both cards were running at what I assume was their appropriate clock speeds. When I enable Crossfire the second cards WattMan options are completely grayed out and I am unable to edit anything, which I have no clue if this is normal when the cards become linked. At this point I assume the cards are linked, as the Radeon Settings indicate that my first card is my 'primary' and the second is now 'linked'.


AMD RX 480 2.png


I guess the main concerns I have are regarding MSI Afterburner. The first card seems to be running at the settings I fixed it to but the second card is flat-lined, for the lack of terms.


AMD RX 480.png


Is this also normal for a dual GPU setup? I kept reading that both cards are supposed to be active when using MSI Afterburner and, like I said, since this is my first time experimenting with two GPUs I am not sure what I did/doing wrong. Thanks in advance for any responses!