Seal the Windows 10 license onto AMD Ryzen processor...

Discussion created by janagewen on Mar 30, 2017

Why not sell both AMD Ryzen processor and Windows 10 license together? Or in other words, buy an AMD Ryzen processor, obtain a Windows 10 license applied only to the processor you bought. Why people want to spend lots of money on a chip? I believe they do not want to mix them up with milk and have a good dinner, but wanna enjoy the system at many levels up. Windows 10 has been proved a successful and future OS for personal devices for next many years. So why not sell them both together, and limit the license only applied for each processor sold? In order words, the Windows 10 copy could never be used on other processors even including other AMD Ryzen processors. This would protect software copyright and promote Windows 10 and Ryzen together, giving the end users an impression that AMD Ryzen processor is designed for Windows 10 from the ground, and much better than Intel processors for Windows 10. Of course, people could also install other O/S, when having legal licenses.