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Microsoft claims 10 million ‘fans’ help it test Windows 10, but it’s sure got a funny definition of that word

Question asked by kingfish on Mar 29, 2017
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Microsoft claims 10 million 'fans' help it test Windows 10, but it's sure got a funny definition of that word - ExtremeT…

"When Microsoft was still building Windows 10, it launched the Windows Insider program to push fast and slow updates to customers who were also willing to serve as beta testers. Today, the company declared this approach was both inspired by Xbox and has created a network of 10 million “fans” that help test Windows via the Insider Preview program and the fast and slow rings within it."

Corporate VP Yusuf Mehdi wrote a LinkedIn post describing how this new approach has worked for the company. The quote is long, but worth reading in full:"

Any fan-centric company should treat that as just the starting point. In fact, every interaction with the customer after that is more important and should build a deeper relationship. Customers should feel like they have joined a community – a family. Don’t be a faceless company. Enable your fans to interact with real people at your company, people who are fans


What are they smoking in Redmond?

My first reaction to this declaration of amazing fan-driven support is best summarized as follows:








Mehdi’s claim that Microsoft has moved to some kind of magic, fan-loving paradise doesn’t pass muster. The company’s claim to always be learning from fans is insulting given the ways it has previously claimed to “learn” from its users. If you take Microsoft’s word for it, the company never learned the following, despite decades in the computing business:

It is farcical for Microsoft to pretend that it’s built a new and better Windows based on listening to what fans want when Windows 10, to date, has been two middle fingers shoved in the air at users who want some modicum of control over what data their machine shares and how it shares it. What really makes the situation hilarious is that Mehdi appears to actually believe his own codswallop.