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RX 460 xfx crashing in some games

Question asked by joey138 on Mar 28, 2017
Latest reply on May 25, 2017 by jonh86

I Bought a rx 460 in january and since there i'm having problems with the gpu.

The gpu crashes when i tried to play any game, after some drivers update the crashes was stopped for a while, only crashing on cs go.

Now the gpu crashes on cs go and Euro truck simulator 2, the screen turns black and i need to restart my pc.

I already Tried everything  and can't fix this.


Relevant information:

in  ArmA 3 the gpu doesn't crash, played for 3 hours and no crash, in cs go the screens turns black on the first 20 minutes in game.


What I already tried and failed:

-Update bios

-Update drivers

-Used DDU tool for every driver

-win10 fresh install

-Cleared Cmos

-tried with another GPU - No crashes. ( Used DDU.)

-tried turn off some options in bios like in this video : AMD RX 460 FIX FOR: BSOD, CRASH, FREEZE! - YouTube

-Tried to manage the options in the wattman menu (Power limit to -50 and still crash)

-tried to block the clockdown

And a lot of other things



My system:

i5 2300 - 2.8ghz

8gb ram DDR3

Mb - h61m-s 1155

RX 460 2gb XFX

750w DEX PSU


I don't want to send to RMA but if necessary i'll send.