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17.x.x No longer use DX12

Question asked by warsun on Mar 30, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by warsun

2017.04.01-10.03.pngIt could just be me but.I just ran some test for performance using Driver 17.2.1 then 17.3.3.An i found the same issue.Performance was just normal.I saw no benefits.So i took a wild guess that some of the issues i had seen before came from DX11.So i took a look at the DXdiag.exe an yeap! That's what it was.Using the R9 390 on Windows 10 Pro I have found DX11.2 is active on these drivers.An DX12 is not.Scrap them an start from Driver 16.3.2.




You can clearly see 16.3.2 works fine.An is giving the API use of DX12.


But again.Once you install 17.2.1 and 17.3.2 which mind you it shows the same thing an i`m not going through that again.I`m very busy.You can see the Direct X shows its no longer using the API it was designed for.Its using DX11.2




So now you know.Its no longer using it.I shouldn't have to point this out by providing screen shots.No one is that lazy.Anyone can run this test.By testing this before releasing it on a live server.So dump the 17.2.1,17.3.2, and 17.3.3 they are not programmed properly an people are complaining.