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    AMD Radeon HD 5450 Houdini Issue




      Windows 10 x64 here, fresh installed, tried all the possible drivers and tricks. Even TrDelay


      Every time i open Houdini v 16. (actually Houdini version) i can use it for about 30s - 1 min than i get an "Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered." in Event viewer, than houdini frezes. Any other software works. All I can find is an I/O Conflict with PCI Express Root Port. Also, my AMD Radeon has IRQ 4292967298


      1. Anybody has any suggestion? Why is it that Houdini has this issue. What can i do?


      2. I  also have a different question. can someone explain to me what is the difference between AMD Crimson and AMD Catalys ? 


      Thank you.

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          Your GPU is too old to meet the requirements for Houdini.


          System Requirements | SideFX


          Additionally, it appears the app needs a workstation level GPU, not a consumer Radeon product.


          Catalyst was the name of the driver for older product. Currently supported products use the Crimson driver.

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              Hello ray_m


              Thank you for your reply. It is true my card is not in the official suported list. But first houdini DOES work on it, but something is wrong. I mean the software loads up, with no error message. I can do stuff in it for 1 minute or 2 sometimes, some times even more like 10 minutes (this happen only once). Andm anyway my card used to be able to run houdini 2 years ago, when i had a windows 8 and that period Catalys. Meanwhile the Catalyst software updated some software, windows also made some updates and  bang, it doesn't work anymore.


              I really, really don't think that is the reason. I tried running houdini without the card drivers, and it doesn't start. It gives a message that it needs a OpenGL 3.3 compliant driver. After install the latest catalyst or Crimson drivers, Houdini opens without any glitch, it works smooth and perfectly until some conflict happens somewhere and it resets the video card and hangs Houdini.

              If AMD Radeon HD 5450   wouldn't be able to run it, it simply wouldn't start.  But this is not it.

              I think the difference between Catalyst and Crimson might have something to do with WHQL .... i'm not sure, i seem to not be able to find a simple description in the whole internet of what is the difference between those 2 software....


              Does anyone has this issue  with houdini 16 ?