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Radeon Settings crash (Win 7)

Question asked by lokion on Mar 29, 2017
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yesterday I updated my drivers for my R9 280X card, but since, soon after begining to play a game, it stops (black screen until I alt+tab). After relaunching my game (The Witcher 3) a couple of times after this, my PC eventually stopped because of the PSU trning power off instantly, no BSOD (like a hard reset).

I have windows 7 64 bits and the drivers are now 17.3.3.

When I go back to Windows I see that the Radeon Settings software crashed and that there was a critical error.

I tried to unsisntall and resinstall the drivers but it is still the same. I'm atm trying to use Windows update but it doesn't work, my last update was in December, I don't know if there should be others. Working on that.


Any ideas? TY