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gcc development / testing support

Question asked by jerryd on Mar 28, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2017 by chromatix

Does anyone no how to contact someone within AMD to see if AMD would be willing to donate a Ryzen based machine to be part of the gcc compile farm?


I recently did some work with optimizations of matrix multiplication routines for gfortran.  We found some AMD machines could not handle AVX instructions well on some of the older APU devices so we had to disable use of some of these instructions. I want to be able to make sure we can include the Ryzen series chips in the optimizations, especially if they support AVX256 and AVX512 instructions.  We can not do much if we do not have a machine to test on.  Most of us are volunteer developers so it is not like we can go buy a new machine.


Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.




(PS yes Fortran is still used for a whole bunch of advanced scientific and engineering computation. gfortran supports most features up to and including F77, F90, F95, F2003, F2008, and F2015 (latest standard not final) )