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    lScreen won't fit my display (After downloading AMD Radeon Settings) AMD R7 Graphics card


      I have an AMD Radeon R7 Graphics car and a 1280x1024 HD TV display and when I first installed Windows 10 64 bit, it fit my display perfectly, as expected! Although the screen was a pink/purple color, I downloaded AMD Radeon Settings which fixed this problem after restart, due to downloading the correct drivers, but has now zoomed my screen in a little, I can barely see the top of the start bar.. It is infuriating, I have tried everything I can in the AMD Radeon Settings. I tried changing the Hz also from 60 to 30 (as I am using a HD TV) but to no avail. I even went into the TV settings but everything is correct, and it must have been, because it was fine before downloading this program.

      Anyone have any ideas how I can fix this?