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Graphics does not switch from intel to amd.

Question asked by ernikrzyzyk on Mar 27, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by amdmatt

In my laptop the graphics do not switch from intel hd to amd, in amd settings i have all the max performance in intel too (i also tried lower performance, still the same), the drivers are updated, the laptop is plugged into power. Despite all this, the amd monitor system always shows me the amd 0% consumption for playing league of legends. When I try to launch other games like fifa 10 or the sims 2 pops me up like a bug on the screen which would indicate that the laptop is using intel all the time. I am using a HP 250 G5 Intel Core i5-6200U 8GB 1TB R5 M430 W10 laptop. I will also throw some screenshots to show you how it all looks. Besides, I wanted to turn off the intel graphics card (In the device manager) but I did not know if it would force amd to run the whole system. Sorry for the fact that the subtitles on the screens are in Polish but I do not know how to change the language. The AMD catalyst control center is set to "maximum performance" and the intel "balanced mode". I can not select the right click card I want to use. Like u can see I actually use windows 10.