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Why 4 months and AMD does not correct the 1603 error in the installation

Question asked by yoni on Mar 27, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by yoni

AMD just does not care about some users, or is it dying?

Because then, I do not understand why, I have to be with a driver from 4 months ago
Crimson Edition 16.11.5 Hotfix This is the latest version that works (Any newer version gets an installation error)

It's enough to do a Google search "AMD1603" or here on the forum about the problem, to see that a lot of people suffer from the same problem

What is most irritating is that time after time, people give advice from ignorance of erasing the DRIVER, using DDU or AMD removal tool (which is old and out of date)
While the problem is at all DRIVER

Specific in my case

I spoke with AMD support and confirmed that there was a problem with the driver

And just offered to wait, It's ridiculous that I've been waiting for 4 months, and still nothing


"We appreciate your support in this regard.

Our driver team is currently analyzing the issue and hopefully, it will fixed in future driver releases.

You can always refer the driver release notes for all the fixed and known issues. "


"Yes, I see that you are using 16.11.5 drivers which do not give you installation issues.

17.2.1 is the same driver version which gave you installation error and I request you to ignore this driver version update and wait for newer version release. Our driver team is still analyzing the issue regarding installation issues.

Thank you for contacting AMD."


And I tried everything of course including DDU and even includes formatting

I have

windows 10 64 With all updates
amd 7970
Is there a chance that there will be a correction in the near future, or that I will have to continue using an old and outdated version of a video card that cost me not cheap?