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    Crossfire crash with RX460


      Hi, I can not start Star Wars Battlefront with crossfire enabled

      I've seen a lot of tutorial for configured the crossfire and crossfire profile but nothing to make the pc crash when launching the games




      ps im not verry good in english ty

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          You will need to provide a lot more information to help troubleshoot the problem. Start with a complete list of your PC components. Include make and model of each part.  What OS? Are there any error messages? Have you checked error logs? What have you done to try to get it to work?

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              i have an AMD FX 6300 black Edition,

              a motherboard ASRock 970M pro3( ASRock > 970M Pro3 )

              , 2 * 4Gb of Kingston hyper x RAM,

              a power supply 500Watt Be quiet

              a SanDisk ssd,

              and I have two graphics card (RX460 4Gb OC) of Gigabyte brand, (Radeon™ RX460 WINDFORCE OC 4G | Carte Graphique | GIGABYTE  )



              I work with Windows 10 Professional, I do not error message when I run a games it starts to load then the pc crash completely I can not do anything ...
              I do not see anything in the error logs, I followed a tutorial for configured a crossfire but nothing to do I reinstalled the drivers from the AMD site, I then configured a crossfire profile I did use A predefined AMD profile (star wars battlefront 64 bit) but when i run the game its crash i check the PCI the first graphics card is in PCI 3.0 X8 and the second in PCI 3.0 X4 can be that is the problem? ,


              Then I uninstall the drivers with DDU uninstaller then put the drivers provided by the manufacturer of the graphics card but nothing I also put a days Bios of the graphics card but nothing to do when I launch star wars batltlefront or battlefield 4 his load very can then his crash

              I alsotry several crossfire profile but nothing his pickture is the first RX460 (PCE 3.0 X8.1.1) the second RX460 is (PCI 3.0 X4.1.1)


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              Try it withe another power supply if you can, and also make sure your pc is in the High Power setting, not balanced or Power saver.   Also make sure that your Motherboard Supports Crossfire.    But my guess is that your PSU isn't cutting it.

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                I agree with derrickgott007 that 500 watt PSU is inadequate for crossfire with an FX6300.  Will it work?  Yes most likely but you are really stressing it at 100% load and no PSU, not even 80+ Titanium like working at that level.  As for 1 particular game not working, do you have issues in any other games?  Crossfire and SLI are unfortunately frequently problematic and it's often why it's recommended to buy 1 better GPU over 2 lesser.  There are inherent issues with multi-GPUs.  Support for them has gotten much better but it is still frequently an issue. 

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                    It is well its power supply is too low every card recommends 350 watt minimum knowing that I have 2 screen banner 5 hard drive and with AMD turbo core and other OC the power supply must be practically to the maximum I check the frequencies it sound the same c ' Is feeding

                    I pancais not that the PSU was really taken into account because on the site manufacturer it consumes 75Watt max but recomande 350Watt mini


                    Thank you for your help I will go see a friends to put a power supply of 1200Watt and the crossfire does not always work I would return to you