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    OverDrive is destroying my GPU, help? Cannot disable OverDrive


      ever since 17.2.1 or even earlier. OverDrive has been Boosting my Radeon 7800HD , memory and gpu CLOCKS To extreme clock speeds without permission(which the card is not supposed to be running).

      and after 5 minutes or less in any game my pc freezes with a gray/black screen and vertical lines on it.


      There is no way of disabling this horrible Software, i am afraid it will eventually fry my GPU, so in the meantime i cannot use it other than browse the internet for a solution.

      my Card works fine when i uninstall Crimson(it is not faulty in any way even though its "old"), but when i reinstall, OverDrive just takes over without permission, boosting my card.

      OverDrive is always on even though i haven't touched it, or accepeted the terms of using it.


      even when i try to enable OverDrive and Set the maximum Clock speeds to a more suitable setting, it will still boost my gpu memory and core clock to the previous high settings.

      I really don't know what else to do.. i have seen this question in many forums, discussions, and apparently there is no fix for this engineering disaster displayed by AMD.

      Can anyone help?