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Shadows of Mordor: AMD FRTC is causing my game to freeze on launch

Question asked by tarvaln on Mar 26, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2017 by shagohodds


GPU: R9 Fury X

CPU : AMD 8350

OS: Windows 10


GPU Drivers: 17.2.1/17.3.2


I'm having an issue where Frame Rate Target Control is preventing my game from loading. It will load the first screen with the circle in the lower right corner but it hangs there.

This was not an issue until today. I've run this game with these drivers before. The only update I had was a Steam update but I don't think that would be a cause.

I was on AMD 17.2.1 when the issue started. I updated to 17.3.2 and validated all my game files. But, it still hangs.

I use FRTC for my Freesync. For some reason the in game FPS limit doesn't work well with Freesync, just the FRTC. I've been playing this game with those settings for the past month and haven't had any issues.

Just confused and wondering if anyone else has had this issue or knows of a solution to get this game working with FRTC again.