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    No pci-e x8 / x8 on the b350s ???


      What a shot in the foot, amd! I was checking the specifications of the motherboards B350, considering a possible purchase of a ryzen (I own 4790k + RX 480s CFX), but I come across the fact that mobos 350 only have pci-e 3.0 x16 + pci-e 2.0 x4, And to complete, if you install a sound card, those x4 are reduced to mere x2 !!!! As well???? Nothing x8 / x8? Pci-e x4 these days cause a lot of performance loss, I already had 10% loss with old cfx 270Xs, imagine with two 480s?!?! Could you invest in a mobo x370? Yes, it could. But the competitor have mobos x8 / x8 with prices similar to those of the b350, and that alone already takes away the advantage of investing more expensive in x370s .... You should review this situation and make mobos b350 x8 / x8 available, otherwise you will lose interest. I myself would consider a ryzen, but in that way, I will have more advantage if I invest again in intel. Think about it.

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          Crossfire is not supported on the B350 chipset by design, as the vast majority of people who use multiple GPUs do so on high end motherboards, as single GPU setups have been able to drive 2560x1440 resolutions for some time, and multiple GPU support from game manufacturers, who now have complete control with DirectX 12 and Vulkan, is still lacking. The lack of x8/x8 allows for less expensive products and sub $90 boards, which allow for a powerful single GPU, such as the Fury X, upcoming Vega 10, or GTX 1080, along with a duo of PCIe x1 or x4 devices, such as a sound card and network adapter, and an NVMe slot for high performance storage, such as the Samsung 960 Evo.