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AMD Radeon HD 8970M - Unstable with Crimson

Question asked by smgjohn on Mar 26, 2017

Ever since Crimson came around the HD 8970M has had more issues than what has been solved, first there was the OpenGL fiasco making the card basically useless, it was fixed a year afterwards.

Now however there just seems to be issues all over the place, the GPU has trouble in Civilization V rendering properly DirectX 11 with Crimson 17.2.1 so I have to rollback to 16.2.


However there still seems to be strange performance issues surrounding this card, video rendering with OpenGL is inconsistent, sometimes it works well sometimes its just awfully slow even when its the same codec. From time to time it crashes with other codecs which makes no sense because everything worked excellent in Catalyst.


It also seems to have random issues in other games like World of Warships were it worked brilliantly before.

Why is this card so bloody unstable? Nothing seems to work properly and when it does its short lived, has anyone else experienced issues with this card??
Or am I forced to downgrade to Catalyst 15.7.1 again?


My system specs:

Clevo Radeon HD 8970M/R9 M290X 4GB MXM 3.0b

Intel Core i7-3940XM w/Intel HD 4000


Windows 8.1 x64


I have tried for many months to troubleshoot games with issues and software using OpenGL but it all leads to the GPU being the sole culprit behind it all from horrible drivers.