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    Having an issue with Radeon 6520G being out of sync (audio vs video)


      I inquired about this about a year ago (https://community.amd.com/message/2698151#comment-2698151 ) and still have found no resolution, so I've returned to see if there's any new ideas.


      System info:

      Toshiba Satellite L775.

      OS: originally Windows 7 Home, now Windows 10 Home. 64 bit

      Processor: originally AMD A6, 3400 M with HD 6520G GPU; now: AMD A8 3520M with HD6620G GPU

      Bios version is latest 1.5 downloaded from toshiba support

      Display Driver is evidently only available from Windows update


      Here's the deal - I use this laptop plugged with an HDMI cable into my tv and it is our internet and tv watching device.


      Every time you leave it alone long enough, something mysterious to me happens, and the display driver ends up out of sync with the audio. The only fix so far is to disable and then enable the display driver and wait for it to happen again, rinse and repeat.


      As you can see from above, I've been under the hood of this thing repeatedly trying to suss out the issue to no avail.   In recap - It's got a fresh install of windows 10, a brand new processor / APU chip, up to date BIOS, up to date driver (supposedly windows is taking care of that) . I've tried to mess with the hardware acceleration... in windows so  far it's a no go, as I can't find the control for it. However in Chrome (default browser) I've tried it on and off and it's made no difference.


      So... anyone got another idea?  =)