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should I be able to get 60Hz refresh rate from my laptop's Radeon HD 7570M to an external 3840x2160 display over DisplayPort 1.2?

Question asked by jp2112 on Mar 25, 2017

I can run using 30Hz refresh rate over DisplayPort 1.2 to my new Philips 4K monitor, but the monitor says it works best at 60Hz.  But I can't seem to get that setting to work, or my older AMD card just doesn't support it.  Does anyone know if I should be able to run at 60Hz, and if so how do I get that from my graphics card?  (i.e. driver update?)


AMD Graphics Card:

Radeon HD 7570M

Laptop System:

Toshiba Tecra R950

Operating System:

Windows 7 64bit

Driver version installed:

AMD 8.932.5.6000

Display Devices:

native- Toshiba 1600x900 (Generic PnP monitor), 32 bit @60Hz

external- Philips 3840x2160 288P6LJEB, 32 bit @30Hz over DisplayPort 1.2


not sure (FAL2SY2 A3245)?


Intel Core i7-3540M @3.00GHz

Power Supply Unit: