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Crimson ReLive Stops Recording with Audio Interface

Question asked by vpgdanny on Mar 26, 2017



ive got some Recording issues. Ive changed my cheap USB Microphone to a Setup with a Audio Interface and a good Phantom Powered Mic. Problem now is, that ReLive is not able to Record anything with activated Microphone.


My Interface is a Behringer UMC404HD (4Channel) connected via USB. If i disable the Mic, ReLive recording works well, but as soon as i activate my mic, it stops recording. Is ReLive not able to Record Input from a 4 Channel Interface? Ive tried to set the Interface to 24bit 48000Hz, but it doesnt work. Seems no available options would work at the moment. Any other recording Software works well with the Interface.


Do you have a Idea for a workaround? The Driver is not able to set the Inputs to 1 or 2 channels.