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    Dell’s new 8K monitor is now available for $5,000


      After the 4k monitor...does anybody but me see any potential/upcoming graphics issues with 8k?

      Dell's new 8K monitor is now available for $5,000 - ExtremeTech


      "In many ways, the new UP3218K reminds us of the UP2414Q we reviewed nearly three years ago. The color reproduction and general feature set of that display wowed us, even back then, but the 24-inch screen was simply too small for realistic 4K use. The 31.5-inch Dell UP3218K might seem slightly more roomy. But remember — stepping from 4K to 8K quadruples pixel counts, it doesn’t double them. Icons and images designed for a 32-inch 1080p display will be 1/16th original size on an 8K panel. Even Microsoft’s font scaling options baked into Windows 10 won’t keep up with that issue."

      The other downside is that displays this early in the production run often have issues that prevent them from functioning properly. For example, we still have that Dell UP2414Q, and to this day, it cannot switch from multi-stream transport mode to single-stream transport mode without rebooting the entire system. Simply turning this display off and on (or unplugging it and replugging it) doesn’t work.

      Despite the impressiveness of the figure, we’re nowhere near 8K panels in widespread use, for a few simple reasons. One, we’ve just about gotten to the point where a single GPU can drive 4K, which only has 8 megapixels worth of image. Quadruple that again, to 32MP, and you’re not going to be pushing that image with any set of modern GPUs. Two, the power consumption, reliability, and price will all need to be improved to build a viable consumer product. Three, there’s no near-term rush to 8K because, again, 4K streaming and video content are only barely coming online in 2017. We’re years away from 8K content being widespread, regardless of what the videophiles would like to see.

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          Think they're missing the point as to who this monitor is targeted at. It is a professional level product built for advertisers and video editors which deal with 8K photographs and video at a native resolution, hence the gamut coverage. Windows UI scaling is still pretty daft, not everything scales and some of the things which do it makes it look stretched and horrid, and 32 inches at this resolution is still way too small when you're dealing with text at 4K much less 8K.

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              Isn't 8k resolution suppose to be the plateau for definition high enough for humans eyes to detect? I imagine if you go something like 16k you would get diminishing returns and probably not notice a difference.

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                  It's not the resolution but the PPI and viewing distance which matters. Steve Jobs claimed 300PPI was "retina", but Cowboy's Stadium's massive 1866240 in² display with 10.5 million LEDs is only HD, which works out to 2.37PPI yet it looks stunning at the long distances it is designed for. Resolution helps the finer details come out, and that's really going to help theater, IMAX, and surveillance applications because the fields of view are so large, but as far as consumer use goes, unless you're Richie Rich and buy a 100" or larger television, it'd be hard to justify moving beyond 4K.