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1 Screen appears disabled

Question asked by thingfishcake on Mar 25, 2017
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I'm trying to setup a triple screen workstation but have hit a problem where it doesn't recognise and therefore allow me to select one of the screens.


I'm running a new Windows 10 machine with:

ASUS A88XM Motherboard and AMD 6000 3Ghz CPU

AMD Radeon Saphire HD6950 Graphics card

16GB DDR3 RAM / SSD and HDD etc.


I have 3 screens:

1 Samsung 32" Smart TV running via HDMI Happily

1 Dell E2211HD 21" Monitor running via DVI Happily

1 LG 22" Flatron 22EN Monitor - either connected via VGA / DVI or VGA / DVI / Displayport - Not recognised although it works fine on the motherboard's proprietary graphics AMD option.


Is it because it is calling the unrecognised screen 'Analog' if so, what can be done to get round this please?