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    R9 270 issues



      I have some issues with my Sapphire R9 270  2 GB.

      Sometimes when i turn on my computer, my gpu stays at 45 degree Celsius temperature and gives only 50% of its performance.

      Games are running with 10-15 lower fps than normal.

      After i do a restart to my computer, it runs just fine, giving its normal performance.

      This issue bothers me since i have to intrerupt my activity, perform a restart and then enter the game.

      Notes: I have windows 10.

      Driver is 16.12.2/

      I did not perform any overclocking on my video card.

      I only use MSI Afterburner for the FPS counter, recording and temperature monitor.

      If anyone encountered this error and know any solutions to it i would really apreciate it.

      If you need any more details, just ask.

      Best regards, thank you!