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    black scren with drivers


      when i start my pc after the windos loads my pc just frezz with black scran i start the pc with safe mode delete the driver and the pc start work agine normly the problem is now i cant install driver becuse some difrent errors like:
      components are already installed

      and some outers


      and the drivers thet i installd and manegd to install are nake some error at the end of the installing and when i press on the reset after install its just back to the starting problem the blasck screan  please help me with this problem im start to lose hope i tryd to serch evrywhere about and answer to how to fix it and faild

      i have windos 7


      my graphic card is: MSI 7850 2GB GDDR5 TwinFrozer 2 Retail





      as it for now im without a driver and its annoyng