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HUGE FPS DROP ON CS GO with amd R9 380 from 250 to 50

Question asked by jon_fons on Mar 24, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2017 by callzumg

Hi i need some help with my graphic card. Yesterday i was playing cs go with about 250 fps and now is about 50.

I checked the graphic card fans and they started when i boot the pc but when i logged in windows and played cs go they turned off.

The msi afterburner software it's all on minimum i can't control the gpu core clock or the fan speed. I have a asus vg245h monitor with amd freesync which increased the fps to 250 but now i can't play.

Already made the drivers update and format the ssd. Still having the same issue.


My desktop specs:

asus vg245h monitor

intel i5 4690k

ram 8gb hyperx ddr3

graphic card amd r9 380 4gb

motherboard msi z97 pc mate

crucial ssd 240 gb


Any suggestions?