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Ryzen 1700X high idle temps(40-50 degrees) and core voltages(1.3-1.43V).Solution please.

Question asked by girishchan on Mar 25, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by girishchan

My motherboard - Gigabyte ab350 gaming 3 rev 1.0
Bios- F5
Cpu cooler - Cooler masterliquid lite 120
Power supply- Corsair VS550
Ram-Gskill ripjaws 5 2400mhz 16gb kit xmp 2.0
I am getting 70-80°C itself in bios mode and 40-50°C idle temps in windows 10 under high performance power plan with xfr(auto overclocking) enabled.The cpu core voltages remain 1.2-1.43V continuously.When I changed power plan to 'balanced' idle temps are 35-50°C and core voltages are 0.8225-1.43V.

Am i the only one who'z getting such high temps or is there anyone like me too.During Prime95 torture test the cpu goes to 70-80°C within just few seconds.All the temperatures stated above by me are noted after subtracting the 20 degrees offset as declared by amd community.I Q-flashed my bios but still no change in temps.During load temps cross 70°C easily.I have applied cooler master mastergel thermal compound in right quantity yet facing the issue.Even the cpu cooler's fans also spin at maximum speeds(2100 rpm) even at idle temps.Should I RMA my chip ?someone please help me out.