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Freesync not working in several games

Question asked by shagohodds on Mar 23, 2017
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As the title states, freesync is often not working in games.. this is VERY dissapointing since i was looking forward to using it all the time but alas.. The latest two games where i have tested it and it doesn't work are mass effect andromeda and dishonored 2. My monitor has a 47-75hz range and with both games i get screen tearing when Vsync is disabled ingame, FPS is locked to 74 and my fps doesn't dip under 60fps. I have a r9 fury. My housemate has a gtx1070 with gsync , playing the same games without any issue.. This and the complete lack of features in the Radeon settings in comparison to the third party software radeon pro are making me hesitate very hard to get a 1080 instead of the upcoming VEGA i was hoping for..