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ryzen 1700x and Asus crosshair vi, CPU-Z mutex locked and corsair link doesnt work

Question asked by maydaystayreal on Mar 24, 2017
Latest reply on May 13, 2017 by maydaystayreal

Hi all, recently I build a AMD platform pc, with ryzen 1700x and Asus crosshair motherboard. I was able to use the corsair link untill yesterday when I upgrade my graphics card from 980ti to 1080 and Corsair link works no more. Also CPU-Z latest version cannot run, reporting muted locked error and stuck at 2% when loading. I tried reinstall the whole system. I found that when I just finished installing system, I can open cpu z and use corsair link. However after I install the chipset driver, the problem will occur. It is so strange, please help