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    Rx 460 Error 43


      I bought an Rx 460 Sapphire Radeon about a month ago, I finally managed to build the computer and of course, there's a problem with the graphics card giving me the error 43 code and I have no idea what is wrong. Any help is appreciated.

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          You need to supply some more information to get a informed supply. The answers you get on a public forum depend on the information furnished.


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              Hi, I have the same question. I have an Rx 460 Sapphire Radeon, the fact is that I've noticed that Windows installs the driver it wants. I want to install the driver 17.11.1 and the one that puts me is 17.40.1031. I have already disabled windows to install the driver automatically. I have tried to install it without internet and it remains the same. Error 43



              My operating system is windows 10

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              Actually its down to third party sellers putting their own bios in the cards to OVERCLOCK mainly ATI.

              First you must find where you card came from, get GPU-Z and copy/paste (device id) settings: 4 x 4 numbers into your browser and search.

              Then compare it with a bare bones setting of the card with the one above that will tell you it has been overclocked or not?

              Because the bios of the overclocked card is third party it will only work with certain drivers so.

              The fix is to flash the bios back to the factory original.

              I have found over 800 people with the same problem.

              Find bios here

              VGA Bios Collection _ TechPowerUp

              Flash software here

              Download AMD_ATI ATIFlash _ TechPowerUp

              Flash at your own risk.

              if it fails ie bricks, use another card as primary and put bricked card in secondary and flash.