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Unable to shutdown my pc after I installed a rx 460

Question asked by toninom on Mar 24, 2017

Hi, since I installed this new gpu my system won't go in suspend mode, or simply shutdown, it always reboot. Before of this I had a 5670 with no problem like this. In my opinion is a driver conflict with the cpu (phenom 955) or motherboard driver, becouse I have a mb with amd chipset, PC-AM3RS890G, this anyway sounds strange becouse are both sapphire product. I searched all over the internet with no results, nobody have my same configuration and my problem, but I want to solve this without changing any other pc components, this problem is very annoying, I'm not able to shut down my pc, or put it in suspend mode, always on.

Thanks, I hope you can help me.


I already opened a thread like this, but nobody helped me, pls is a GREAT problem for me