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    AMD can provide me with solution to my problem. It started when I bought their RX 480.


      My RX crasehs WOT like hell. Asked many times for a solution on forum but none were provided. Spec are high enough. Win 10 pro and i7 6700K. I've reinstalled(celan) drivers more than 30 times. Tried older onces. I even clean installed windows again. Nothing is solving an issue. RX crashes when on full load on hight temps. It's ref card so I think it's a manufacturing issue here. It also migth be a problem with voltage but I lower it and it doesn't help.


      I'm really tired and fed up with this simple issue no one can find a solution for. I alwyas suported AMd but now I just want ot get rid of it. How can i do it? Can I adress issue directly to AMD support or something?