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    RX 480 8GB GDDR5 weird alwayse low 50C°ish temperatur


      My 1 day old Rx 480 8GB GDDR5 shows always a temperature between 40C° something and 50C° something with the fans 99% of the time off no matter the workload despite while using the card for rendering in Vray. My conclusion is something with the temp sensing must wrong which is supposedly very unhealthy for the card when working under high load and fans are at 0 rpm.


      It get's even more fishy.  I have changed the minimum temperature for the fans to start working to 40C° in Wattmaster. After that, a minute or so later, the fans started spinning for around 10 seconds and then stopped again. After that the started occasionally for no particular reason to work for around 10 seconds or so. Tt also seems that the fans start working when I turn on my PC and then shut down some when in the booting process.


      My Gigabyte GA-MA770-UD3, AMD 770, ATX motherboard is quite old, so that could be the reason. But I have doubts that the board is the reason for the error, because the temp sensing and the fans are a part of the graphic card and not the motherboard. And everything else but the temp and fan control seems to work.I have already reinstalled the driver a second time but the problems remains.system stats.JPGsystem stats.JPG

      system stats.JPG

      Last screen shot was taken while rendering in Vray - so the temp really shouldn't be just 52:



      Proposed solutions to my problem are highly appreciated. Thanks!

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          Use a program called msi afterburner to set yourself a custom fan curve it's easier to understand and wattman doesn't seem to work half the time get your driver's from radeons official site not through windows update the latest beta version is 17.3.3 report back if you have any questions.

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              The first driver I've installed was directly from raedons web site. The 2nd driver, which is currently installed, is the "official" driver from Saphire's website. But the problem remained exactly the same.


              I have followed your advice and installed msi afterburner.  I still get the wrong temperature readings from msi afterburner just as from wattman, no matter the workload, therefore it's a little hard to set a custom fan curve when the temp reading from the card is mostly something around 50C°. (at the moment, I've been a while AFK, the temp is chilly 28C°. I guess soon the card will act as an air conditioner and start cooling air )


              But at least the manual temp control from afterburner are working and makes the fans spin, in contrast to wattman. I've set the fansnow  to 40% performance, which is an acceptable noise level. However I'm still thinking if this is a permanent solution because summer is coming and my apartment is under the roof and get's very hot.


              I'm thinking about returning my Sapphire card to Amazon and swap it with a RX 480 from Asus or MSI, maybe they don't cause this temp issue.

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                  Definitley an issue with temp sensors there I would RMA it for sure. If you do decide to go with another card I have 2 MSI RX 480 Gaming X 8GB and they are great cards with great customer support. I would stay far away from Asus I have a motherboard through them which shipped without a i/o shield you know the metal cover for ports on the back of the case well they wouldn't send or even sell me one and literally linked me to an Amazon seller to buy one for $15 little things like that disgust me with these huge corps.

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                don't worry mate I have the same problem with my sapphire r9 fury nitro oc and like

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