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Incorrect Freesync Range Samsung u28e850

Question asked by mrani on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2017 by still

Hello everyone, just wanted to see if other people have had this issue on this monitor with freesync on the 17.3.3 current driver

With Free sync turned on Radeon settings is reporting a free sync range of only 54-60 Hz which in most cases is borderline useless for me, i have been using this monitor for quite a long time now and had no issues in titles like fallout 4 at all with free sync, last 3 drivers have introduced a lot of screen tearing outside of these range.




- RX 480 Nitro Sapphire 8GB

- Samsung u28e850

- 17.3.3 Driver

- Samsung & reviewers stated Free sync range 50-64 in most place, some people i gather have messed with EDID's for stable 45-64 ( mine is stock )

- Currently 54-60 reported Free sync range in Radeon Settings, testing shows this to be what is actually going on. 6Hz range is of course totally useless.


Any help on this issue at all ? and are other people experiencing this.