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Issue with RX480 Crossfire crashing

Question asked by ryzenmaster on Mar 23, 2017
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I have recently built a new gaming rig with a Ryzen and 2x Powercolour RX 480 Red Devils. Whilst gaming, my PC can either just crash and reboot or display a red screen of death and then reboot.


Whist I was going through CCC I noticed that one of my RX480 had a slightly older vBIOS than the other which also limited the clock speed of the card with one RX 480 running at 1279MHz and the other at 1330MHz


If it helps, system specs as follows:

AMD Ryzen7 1800x

2x PowerColour RX480 Red Devils


AsRock K4 Gaming X370


There are no overclocks on my system at all. And if it is the bios, where can I get the latest from and how do I flash the BIOS


Many thanks in advance