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CS GO 17.2.1 driver/graphics freeze crash

Question asked by profijucator on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2017 by profijucator

Hello there amd. There is a problem with cs go and the 17.2.1 driver, everytime i try to exit the game, change resolution or try to minimize the game it just freezes and remains black, i mean the game still runs you can hear everything run on background, the pc runs as well, but the drivers just freezes in that point, when it needs to switch from game to windwos, or to change a resolution or even if you try to exit the game, everything you do it will remain the same black. You cant alt ctrl del, you cant do anything just hard restart. I remember this problem in the 16's drivers from past octomber bis februar or so, it happend but not that often, now it happens all the time. You cannot even disable the full scren in settings and choose windowed fullscreen it wont change.


System specs.

RX480 8gb XFX, stock settings

Windows 10 64 bit

Crimson 17.2.1

Display device-> Asus VS248H 60\Hz, Dvi connection, 1920x1080

Game resolution 1920x1080 Fullscreen, all maxed, 2xmsa vsync off

Mainboard: Asus Z170 pro gaming

Processor:Intel Core i5 6600k

Ram installed: 16 GB Corsair 3ghz vegance lpx ddr4


My system is stable as i dont have any other issuse with other games, rams are stable, cpu is stable, cheked with Prime95 strees testing, it is overclocked to 4.3 only. I also used this system with older graphics cards with no issues.

Again, i noticed this issue on past drivers but happend like 50% of the time with VSR off and DPU scalling off, from 17.2.1 it happens all the time.

I have to say Gpu scalling and virtual resolution were on 17.2.1. I will try with them off and report back in just a second. because only now i remeber them.