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RX480 Relive issue with latest 17.3.3

Question asked by etayorius on Mar 22, 2017

Well, i cannot no longer use Relive with 17.3.3. I have been using it heavily to record games, but since the latest optional Relive it just does not work... i can't even rebind the recording Hotkey. I see the option is enabled, it just does absolutely nothing when trying to record using the key shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+R), no message or nothing.


I am amazed of how many issues i had with RX480, first it was random Black Screens that would freeze the whole PC. Then it was the Mouse Cursor Corruption issue which got fixed like 3-4 times in several drivers only to come back again. Then i had issues with Vulkan pausing games anywhere from 3-16 seconds then the game would continue normally only for the issue to appear little after, making Doom basically unplayable. Now this! i mean... seriously? i never had so many issues with a single GPU. My first Radeon i owned was the HD5770 which never had any issue at all until early 2012 i moved over to a GTX470. I know AMD are doing everything they can to improve driver support, but DAAAAAAMN... so many issues in less than 6 months! at least all issues had been resolved sooner or later, but DAAAAAAAAAAAMN! LOL it's a bit funny though.


Win7 x64


Relive 17.3.3

Core i5 6500


8GB DDR4 2133MHz


I tried doing a clean install using DDU before updating to 17.3.3, but it's just not working... i tried already like 3 times doing this.