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RX 480 8gb nitro crashing pc and other strange things

Question asked by sparkyork on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by sparkyork

hi all, it seems theres plenty of problems rx related ive had a read through and thought id post up for some advise. :-)


my pc;  i7 2600k 3.4

             8GB corsair veng' ddr3 1600

             corsair ssd

             ASUS p67 sabertooth mobo

             ocz fatality 750 watt psu

             rx 480 8gb nitro (current ish)

             HD6970 (previous)


system been running flawlessly since 2011 when i bought the bits off ebuyer. bought the rx 480 8gb from ebuyer last weekend, all seemed ok at first playing gta v with substantially better graphics than my 6970 (though i could play for hours on the old gpu with no issues). Then the pc completely shutdown and restarted, it did this three times in total and also once during a heaven benchmark test.


I rung ebuyer and chap agreed that my psu should be adequate for the new gpu, i have i think haha 4 rails totalling 650w and one rail connected supplying approx 165 watts or 18 amps, ebuyer confirmed the card needs 225 watt and that it gets 75 ish from the pcie port. so im looking at supplying around 150 watt through my psu conncection.

can anyone shed any light on to whether my psu is a bit close to the limit on the gpu supply? the box states recommended 500 watt supply. it seems to me if theyd of stuck with two power connectors it might of been ok.


Also when my pc crashes its logged in event viewer as kernel power system id 41. (kind of suggests power related and the way it shuts down also suggest power to me.

the card is currently still connected just to access internet, as im not happy with how things are at the minute.


Another strange problem that has occured is ive noticed my cpu seems cooler than it normally is, my pc has been on for half an hour now and everything else via ai suite has gone up accordingly but my cpu has dropped from 22 to 17 degrees c!. on this boot up i also had bios warn about low fan speed on my afermarket cooler, i altered the limit in bios and reset. my cpu has never been this cool and looks odd to be fair,  i have recent upgraded my bios from 1602 - 3602.  i havnt upgraded the chipset yet as the description didnt sound that necessasry. but will probably upgrade it to be sure.

Also my mobo is pci x2 and rx 480 is pci 3 but i would expect no issue with this ?

also just used the hwinfo program and after a short run on heaven it peaked at 158watt GPU and 135 amps ! gpu current? wonder if it means 13.5 amps


sorry for the essay and any help is gratefully received