Ryzen is a Hit!  More Motherboards on the Way.

Discussion created by ajlueke on Mar 22, 2017
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Well, at least from MSI.




It looks like Ryzen sales and ongoing MB shortages have convinced vendors that they can make money by pushing more models out there.  Looks like those who were patient with their AM4 builds will have more to choose from.  The XMP-A support hopefully will removed the guesswork involved when choosing memory modules and hopefully will add better support for 4 DIMM configurations.


What has been the experience with other users regarding memory?  I started my build with two 16 GB sticks of Corsair Dominator Platinum on the ASRock Fata1ty Professional Gaimg X370. The memory model number is "CMD32GX4M2B3000C15".  I was never able to get it to run faster than 2667MHz at 14-14-14-35 timings.


After reading some articles on how much memory frequency can affect Ryzen performance, I decided to try a memory set with 8 GB DIMMs.  I have that running at the rated 3200 MHz at the identical timings.  Hopefully when AMD adds support for multipliers past 3200 MHz, I can try to squeeze a little more performance out of them.  I have only been able to run at 3200 MHz with two 8Gb DIMMs installed.  When I add two more I'm stuck at 2667 again.


Perhaps we can compile a list of memory that works well on different AM4 motherboards?  Add your motherboard and memory below along with the frequency and timings employed and I can keep a list in this post.