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Issue "Multi GPU hang on MST 4K or 5K displays" gone from release notes 17.1.2 without fix?

Question asked by whistler on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by annihlator

I run two 7970 in Crossfire on an Eyefinity setup in 4320x2560.

The last driver to support this is 16.11.5.

Drivers up to 17.1.1 has this in the "Known issues" release note:

  • AMD Multi GPU configurations may experience a system hang or reboot during install when using tiled MST 4K or 5K displays.


On 17.1.2 the issue is gone, but is not listed under "Fixed issues".

I still get bluescreens when using 17.1.2 and it is a pain to reinstall and do a driver cleanup every time just to see.


Can anyone verify if the latest 17.3.3 support this issue or has it been dropped from support with no intentions to fix?


Ghost Recon Wildlands gives me error messages now saying my 16.11.5 is too old, so I'd really like this to get fixed.