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    RX 460 DVI doesn't work after installing drivers


      I've got video card ASUS RX460 O2G. My display was connected to DVI out. Everything was great before I installed drivers from CD, which was with the video card.

      After installing drivers DVI stopped working. I tried to install other drivers, but without any results. System couldn't detect the display.

      I changed the DVI cable, and system detected my display. It could detect the name and model. But without any pictures on the display. I saw it from "HDMI output"...

      HDMI works perfectly. Video card too, except DVI output. I played DOOM with maximum settings and it didn't crash anywhere...

      What happened with DVI? Is it a drivers or hardware problem?


      And my system:

      ASUS M5A99X EVO, FX-8300

      ASUS RX460 O2G 2Gb

      12Gb RAM

      120Gb SSD + 3Tb HDD

      Windows 10 Pro x64

      The latest drivers from this site.