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RX 460 DVI doesn't work after installing drivers

Question asked by xatrix on Mar 22, 2017

I've got video card ASUS RX460 O2G. My display was connected to DVI out. Everything was great before I installed drivers from CD, which was with the video card.

After installing drivers DVI stopped working. I tried to install other drivers, but without any results. System couldn't detect the display.

I changed the DVI cable, and system detected my display. It could detect the name and model. But without any pictures on the display. I saw it from "HDMI output"...

HDMI works perfectly. Video card too, except DVI output. I played DOOM with maximum settings and it didn't crash anywhere...

What happened with DVI? Is it a drivers or hardware problem?


And my system:

ASUS M5A99X EVO, FX-8300

ASUS RX460 O2G 2Gb

12Gb RAM

120Gb SSD + 3Tb HDD

Windows 10 Pro x64

The latest drivers from this site.