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Very lag in the boss-fights of Tera Online! After updating my graphics card!

Question asked by guilhermeaway on Mar 22, 2017

Sorry, my english is not very good, sorry for grammar error.


Well, I updated my GPU GTX 750Ti for RX 460...

I have a lot of frames in all games, including Tera Online, but I had a little problem in that game, I get 80 frames in Tera, but in large groupings of smaller monsters or in some boss I have serious problems with frames, reaching 1-5 FPS. This happens even if the I put in the minimum resolution and the minimum graphic quality, I did not have similar problems in any other game, then I imagine that it is a problem in the Driver in relation to the game or some problem of the game with the new graphic cards AMD RX 4xx.
My GTX 750 Ti could only play with low graphics, but I had no problems with frames in large monster counts or in boss!
I wonder if I can do something about it!


CPU: I5 3330
GPU: RX 460
RAM: 8GB 1333Mhz