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R9 290X tripple monitor and idle memclock speeds...

Question asked by cplifj on Mar 21, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2017 by amdmatt

I have found with the latest slew of drivers that now the idle memclock speed does not go down anymore as it has allways done before.


Same kind of connections but with crimson the idle memclock stays at a happy 1250MHz.


Only ONE thing helps to bring down the clocks back to idle of 150MHz and that is following.


I have to physically disconnect the monitor on the dvi output ( detach cable )  and then the clock commes down to 150MHz immediatly.

Reconnect cable (even with a switched off monitor) the clockspeed instantly goes back to 1250MHz....


just turning off that monitor does not help and the memclock stays at full speed.


Detaching any other monitor connected to either the hdmi or via a DP>HDMI ( both connections have a HDMI monitor), does not bring down the memclock to idle.


So in effect , i only get idle memclockspeeds when there is NO monitor attached to any DVI port.....


So how does AMD again explain this with their eyefinity marketing ????


It should not happen since it never happened in the past with older catalyst drivers.


Please FIX this.