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    Benchmarks are crap!


      Hi. I had been using a Gateway dx4860 with an i5 2320 4 core processor, it was a good system and has served me for 5 years. On Sunday I bought a Lenovo H50-55 with an A10 7800 apu. I was immediately impressed with the speed of the system, it seemed to be noticeably faster than the i5. I went on line to research the CPU benchmark graphs and was surprised at the low ranking they gave the A10. I just read about how the apu structure works for compute cores so I understand why this chip is so much faster than my old i5 I am going to take this as a lesson that the benchmark scoring process is not all that accurate. Anyway thought I would throw that out.

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          Benchmarks certainly can't tell the whole story.  I originally had a ITX based i5 build upstairs to stream my mkvs to the upstairs TV.  The Intel chip was supposed to have much better IPC than the Kaveri based APU alternatives and use far less power.


          In practice however, the i5 had strange driver issues with its internal GPU.  The driver would error whenever I tried to play older 2D PC games from my steam list.  Also, I would randomly get a driver error that would kill .mkv playback on my PC.  I would have to hard shutdown the software and go back in.   No amount of updating the drivers from Intel resolved these issues.


          I eventually scrapped that system an built an A10 replacement in a Wesena case.  Ultra low profile HTPC chassis.

          None of those issues surfaced in the APU build.  I pretty much stick to AMD APUs for any builds without a discreet GPU after those experiences.