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Wattman Gigabyte rx460oc 2gb Fans everytime rpm0

Question asked by bodyguard86 on Mar 21, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2017 by bodyguard86

hi, when i go to wattman in  Radeon Software Version 17.3.2 for change the fan's rpm of my Gigabyte  Radeon(TM) RX 460 oc 2gb i read that rpm are 0 ,i can change it in manual mode but they remains 0 i want to set the rpm at max speed everytime. So i don't have any problem ,i read the temperature in game 40-42 °C ,i see the fans work and i think the automatic speed works good (otherwise the vga was heat),but i can't change speed .Driver Packaging Version 16.60.2911-170310a-312047E-CrimsonReLive win10pro 64bit ,asrock fm2a88m -hd+ ,apu a8 6600k, ram8gb silicon power 1600 .I remember that when i wher installing crimson, i receive an error that my configuration it's not supported ,but i clicked forward and the installation go fine and the software is installed correctly.


I take advantage of the ticket for ASK also as ON Turn on the dual graphics with my APU That has a radeon hd8570D.Dual graphics is ON in the bios but do not know how to make it all work.

Thank you, I ask you a favor, to write in proper English for i  can translate it in the best way, or in Italian, thanks

Sorry for my english