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      Hi all thank you for taking the time to check out my Build Log.


      Firstly ill explain a little about Myself and Reasoning for wanting/needing a higher end System.

      So my Name is Gareth I live in the here in the UK I have a huge passion for all things PC Tech Related from System Building-System Optimization-Fault finding-System/Component Benchmarking to Both Picture and Video editing. And this is what has lead me to need a higher end System. Over the past year My passion for Video Editing grew considerable.


      I had hit a brick wall performance wise with the last Pc I owned as I now wanted to Review Hardware Capture Gameplay even live stream. I knew if I wanted to carry on progressing my new found Talents I had to upgrade. I got to this point about a year ago at witch point I first Caught on to the news of RYZEN.

      So as you can imagine I knew that was the direction I was going to go.


      What I decided to do in the mean time is Fully Benchmark my current System Show what it was able to rather than its limits with I thought maybe novel really as many other Reviews/YouTubers tend to show the limit of said hardware instead of Game/application they may perform well in.

      To do that and for fill my later plans to I knew I had to get to grips with a few things i.e. Video/Picture editing. So I did that I also showed off The Crimson ReLive Rec software and how that affects performance in said Games of software's.


      While doing this I made sure to keep track on all the news Coming out RYZEN Related, At this point id like to give a few YouTubers a shout out for the coverage of RYZEN over the past months and Reviews when Released. Firstly I would like to give a Thanks to (Tiny Tom Logan over @ OC3DTV)His Reviews the lengths he goes to absolutely cover every single item you could possible want. Makes him a real inspiration in all honesty, Also his advice concerning my Build was most valuable.


      Secondly (Jim over @ AdoredTV) The same goes really the detail in witch he covers is immense and a real inspiration also, His no nonsense approach. I would also like to thank (JayzTwoCents and pauls Hardware) for there coverage of RYZEN also.


      Now to the good stuff Details of the Build I will list all the parts I have selected and reasoning for doing so.


      CPU}........................RYZEN R7 1800X

      MOTHERBOARD}...MSI Xpower Gaming Titanium AMD X370

      MEMORY}...............Team Group Vulcan T-Force 16GB DDR4 3000MHz

      STORAGE}.............2X Hyper X Savage 240GB ...... 1X WD BLACK 2TB HDD

      GPU}.......................MSI Gaming X RX480

      PSU}.......................Leadex Platinum 750W Fully Modular "80 Plus Platinum" Power Supply - White

      CASE}.....................Define R5 Midi Tower Case - White Window

      CASE FANS}..........X5 Corsair HD120 RGB LED 120mm High Performance

      CPU COOLER}......Hydro Series H110i is an all-in-one liquid CPU cooler


      So as of right now these are the parts I will be going for I currently have The CPU on my Desk right next to me I Preordered it threw Overclockers UK.

      I also have the storage I need to get the WD Black in this week I have the / GPU in house now / Memory is on its way directly from Team Group I emailed them a few months Back with the idea for my build and was told to contact them again nearer the time witch I did. They arrive Thursday. I will be Ordering The PSU And Fans WD Black with the idea of possible Completing the Build by the end of this month. The motherboard I have got to wait until the end of this month just Due to cost more than anything.


      Thank you all again for taking the Time to Read this.


      BuGGzLuVa PC GAMING-Tech.


      BuGGzLuVa's PC Gaming Tech - YouTube


      It sure did end up a lot better than I originally planned.