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Driver 17.q1dual gpu issue

Question asked by edisto on Mar 20, 2017

Can't run .flv files, starcraft 2 screen is black with artifacts, league of legends launch menu is black, and the menu is checkered black with items certain images missing. Other games work fine, and other movie formats work fine as well. I uninstalled all drivers and installed them 1 at a time to check where the error was coming from. The Fury X with 17.3.2 on its own works fine with no issues. Firepro on its own with 17.Q1 works on everything except when launching crashes every time. When 17.Q1 display drivers are installed with the 17.3.2 I get the errors mentioned at the beginning.


To save time from stupid answers I've had this dual GPU setup since 2015 and this is the first time I've received such a problem.