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screen freze above 60hz

Question asked by galiu on Mar 20, 2017

I've been trying to fix this for a while and read a lot of forums - nothing so far.
Every time I set the monitor to over 60hz, I get screen flashing and a freezing every second for a fraction of a second  (runs smoothly on 60hz) (even in cinematics) but when I alt+tab on the desktop, the freezing stops (even if the game does not minimize) . No idea why. I switched the monitor - did not help. This only happens on heavy games like the Witcher. No issues with games like LoL.
My setup - asrock B250m Pro4 (breand new)
2x ddr4 ram Ballsticks 2400 4gb ram(each) (breand new)
Radeon RX480 8gb ASUS (breand new)
Pentium G4560 3.5ghz (breand new)
Be quite - 600w (breand new)
Also M2 SSD (breand new)

My hard was an old one and I got told by a "computer specialist" that it's from it so I just baught a new one - still have the same issues.
Also, the entire PC freezes after a while of gaming (Whitcher 3, Dark Souls 3 Paragon), not responding to any comand and I have to make a hard restart even when playing on 60hz.
I believe its an issues with the GPU but I have no idea hot to determent this. I have run benchmarks like Furmark for 20-30 minutes - no issues

Any help would be appreciated.




I returned the RX480 8gb ASUS and got a 1060 6gb  Zotac.
Big thanks to AMD