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Relive + Eyefinity = Problems.

Question asked by caiodpk on Mar 20, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2017 by marcus-from-europe

Unfortunately, I come here to make this claim, because I found the damn relive error to never work here on my machine, and this goes directly to another service that AMD offers and apparently it does not care much (for disregard for service and With users).
The incompatibility is due to my EYEFINITY, yes ladies and gentlemen, AMD is able to develop a service, which becomes incompatible with another service that it offers itself and goes in the same package, incredible no?
As if that were not enough, this does not just come from this last version of Crimson with relive, comes from the first and in the same forum of AMD has several users with the same problem.
"But you can use another program to do this."
Yes, I mean, I can and even use Xsplit, only guess what, by INCOMPATIBILITY with the AMD drive, it works for a few moments in recording and after that, the drive freezes and the machine restarts.
Did this simply go unnoticed? (Hardly), or has Amd given up on eyefinity and its users?
I researched the competitor with her service, the famous shadowplay, and it does not.
Honestly, I've always used gpu amd (until I prefer eyefinity to surround), but amd always puts difficulties and more difficulties, so it's hard not to think about going to nvidia.
Att: Just to complete, I updated the last available drive, besides not having solved the problem, created others as apparition of artifacts in some games like FH3 .. I returned to 17.2.1, and I solved some of the problems.

For now, that's it, follow the game .. or not.