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I want get a new PC so I can use gpu passthrough but I've read that ryzen has bad iommu managment.

Question asked by mystd on Mar 20, 2017

I've already tried to use the gpu passthrough with my current am3+ system but it was too complicated for me. I really want to use the gpu passthrough and thus I'm looking for hardware that supports it best without me having to do linux kernel patches etc. that is beyond me. I've already tried the complicated workarounds following tutorials for 2+ weeks, I got too many errors I could not handle so I gave up on it. I don't have the money to switch to hardware that is comparable to the one I already own and thus I've been patiently waiting for the new cpu gen. With the gpu passthrough getting more popular I thought that the ryzen would have better support but I've read that the iommu management is really bad. Will/can this be fixed? I'm really sad I thought with the ryzen I could just enable AMD-Vi in the bios and it would work. I really like the ryzen but the gpu passthrough is must for me.